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We are one of the major  exporters and wholesalers of  hand embroidery  TableCloth, Doilies,Tray cloth,Guest Towel,Lavender Bags,Toilet roll holder,Tissue Box Cover,Pillowcase,Pillow Towel,Pillow Bag,Shoe Bag,Baby Aprons,Aprons,Table Pad,Handkerchiefs,Toast Cover,Cushion Cover,Envelope Bag,Coverle,Bedspread,Bed sheets,Curtain,Breakfast Set,Table napkin,Flat Sheet,Duvet Cover,Coaster

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Business License For Enterprise's Legal Person (Duplicate copy) Registration No.:441381000059102

The Record Registration Form for a Foreign Trade Operator Registration No.:01065628 code for import and export enterprise:4400574537800

Proof of state and local tax payment NO.441381574537800

Local-Tax registration certificates NO.441303574537800

Organization Code Certificate of the People’s Republic of China Code: 57453780 – 0

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